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Powering some of the largest and most sophisticated fleets around the world.

Supercharge your existing logistics software
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Automate your operation to meet today’s 21st century expectations

Foxtrot's digitization and automation allows enterprise fleets to serve their clients transparently, flexibly and in real-time.

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Our ProductsDigitize your logistics operation &
handpick from our transformative products.

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Next gen fleet

  • Real-time fleet wide visibility and communication
  • Driver app or SDK for your existing app, digitize proof of service
  • Control tower dashboard & a powerful set of APIs to build your own

Analytics & learnings
data warehouse

  • Logistics data warehouse API — data health, driver behavior & performance metrics
  • Client learning API — backward compatible learnings for your route planner on parking locations, service times, etc

Route execution

  • Real-time route re-sequencing to maximize performance (efficiency & service level)
  • Dispatch route changes in real-time
  • Sequence adherence analysis

Powerful event
driven API

  • Live order status API and events to power your client facing portal
  • Live order status internal dashboard for customer service, merchandizers and sales


  • Replace your route planner with autonomous dispatching
  • Accept live orders and live changes to existing orders

Foxtrot professional

  • Supercharge your operations, analysis and/or technical teams by integrating our world-class team with yours
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Foxtrot today operates the world’s largest digital delivery network

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    monthly visits to 2.5M business & consumers

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    drivers using Foxtrot across 17 global fleets

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    cities with Foxtrot across 13 countries

"Fortunately for us at AB InBev, Foxtrot is the tool that is helping us on our journey to disrupt our Global Tier 2 logistics."

Juan Sivori
AB InBev

"Foxtrot was able to provide us the visibility we lacked in our own operation."

Rayanne Cassiano
Mercado Libre

"Foxtrot offers services that maximize execution performance & excellence, and transform & modernize the end-customer delivery experience."

Carlo Lopez
Grupo Modelo

Happy customers across the globe.

In beverage, food & e-commerce.

SustainabilityAccelerating the world largest supply chains
towards sustainability.

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    metric tons of CO2 reduced anually

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    gallons of fuel reduced anually

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    trees worth of CO2 sequestration

"We have been able to reduce distribution emissions by 4.4% since 2017 through routing efficiencies and other initiatives."

2018 Shareholder Letter

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